Friday, June 1, 2007

Iron Sheik Rants and Raves About Nikolai's Penny-Pinching Ways

I like that someone decided to actually film the tape of Sheik's rants off the television because you can see what an amazing temper that the guy has, even when he's not talking about Brian Blair. I must say that I want Sheik's USA hoodie. Do you think I could buy it for $5...and will it reek of marijuana? Regardless, another classic Sheik moment as he rants and raves all about Nikolai being a cheap Jew jabronie with an obsession for the George Foreman gimmick.

SHEIKY VALUE: He's missing several teeth! The video quality is kinda lackluster, but that's what happens when people can't convert DVDs to video or whatever. I didn't know Nikolai was a Jew; I thought he was a Croatian. Regardless, these were good times when the various videos started popping up.

My commentary means nothing, but I insist on typing something.

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