Monday, June 11, 2007

A Bonanza

Well, not this kind, but to celebrate the Iron Sheik's appearance on Raw in many, many years, I gotta comment on many videos today. Or actually tonight. YES. I do believe his last time on Raw was with managing the Sultan, but I did see him on the Pillman tribute Raw.

Yeah, Sheik hates Jimmy Hart. He doesn't like stooges, as Hart has always had a very close relationship with Lawler...and possibly Nick Gulas? The spitting is tremendous, as well as Sheik's need to say "no comment" before giving a short rant. That's always great.

It's definitely really fucked up that Sheik only got a bump for the three grams of cocaine that he carried over the border for Jake the Snake. That's a huge risk for someone going through citizenship issues along with dealing with the stress of not seeing his family for years. Like, damn, Sheik, what were you thinking, man? But I still believe that he should've gotten half considering that he could have gotten deported.

Sheik's got a lot of pride. The money is not an issue for him. Hitting Brian Blair where it hurts with the disses in regards to his divorce and child support. That was some low shit, haha. He should've fucked his ass and made him humble, but he was lucky, punk!

Chris Jericho is a fucking jabronie for disrespecting the Iron Sheik for calling himself Ayatollah. The philosophical debate as to where he stands in comparison to Khomeini seems to be something that will be endless. What fatwas against overhyped authors has Jericho put out, by the way?


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