Monday, June 18, 2007

A Good Monday To Bullshit About Sheiky

These taste good! I don't know the brands, but I learned that sambuca is sticky but nice while watching a crappy movie. Or a mediocre movie that is awesome like Team America. And Disaronno ain't bad either, although it was recommended that I mix it with something else, but fuck that shit. I need to clean these out eventually.

See, this is what I've learned to re-appreciate about wrestling: the riling of crowds. American kids care about cool moves that they can do to their friends on the concrete "playgrounds" in their inner city. But we love to hate people. Especially foreigners. I was conflicted as a kid; like, should I really be hating Sheik? He greeted me with Islamic greetings that my family would also use! Could I really hate another brother? I could always hate Nikolai, though. That anthem, man. Fuck him. I appreciate the anger that their characters riled up. It impresses me more than the actual wrestling.

Like all these smart marks love Benoit. Hey, I love him, too. But it wasn't just politics that didn't make him a star in America. It was a lack of a reason to hate him or love him. The moves, the psychology, the bumps were all there. But the public will attach themselves emotionally to those that are larger than life or represent something that means something. Sheik and Volkoff represented the Ayatollah and those Communist fuckers. They gave the people a great reason to buy a ticket and boo them out of the building.

It's a shame that Benoit could not muster those kind of emotions during his peak as a performer. It's something that both he and the people booking him are responsible for when people look back on his career.

Ahahahaha Nikolai is a cheap Jew crying over the loss of his spoon. Just tremendous. I wish they'd make a sitcom starring these two guys. "The Odd Couple" Part 2 would be something that I'd watch over any episode of "Hogan Knows Best".

I'm lazy. Back in a couple days. Going to see Mets vs. Twins tomorrow.

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