Saturday, June 16, 2007

Boy, I hate do-overs

Posting at another computer did not help! My amazing commentary was lost! Let's try this again, but FIRST...

She was fucking awesome. Best woman in wrestling ever. I wonder what Moolah's legacy is gonna be when she dies?

This was pretty unfunny. Like, dude, if you're gonna do your own funny rendition while piggybacking off of the awesomeness of Sheik, at least be a little creative. Is that a little hard to ask for these days???

Sheik was in Syracuse! Did he make it up to Parish, Coloss or Pulaski? I would doubt it, but he might have gone down to the Southside in order to score some medicine. It's all good. I love the Mid City Gym tee shirt. Much love to Bruno, Backlund, but not to that jabronie Hulk Hogan.

Did Sheik really need a second around this time? Even though he wasn't main eventing, his ability to promo really did improve since his first WWF run where all he'd say was "BALA BALA BALA". This match didn't kill Sheik's career or anything; who knew that so many people would pop for a small package? I'd rather have seen Sheik vs. Morales, but whatever.

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